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Welcome to AKs Hoppitry Loppitry!

We show and breed American Fuzzy Lops and  Netherland Dwarfs. Our goal is to breed the highest quality animals both in terms of show type and disposition. 

The Fuzzies are our first love. We have a nationally competitive line that is known for superior body type and excellent wool. Fuzzy Lops are a small breed (4 lb maximum weight) with wool and lopped ears. We emphasize type over color but still have several different colors in our barn including tortoise, blue tortoise, chestnut, opal, sable point, pointed white, black, blue, and ruby eyed white.

Netherland Dwarfs are a fascinating and challenging breed, with type and colors, rolled into one small package.  Currently we are focusing on a few varieties, silver marten, chinchilla, and ruby-eyed white (REW).  Our Dwarf breeding program is small but we have made some great progress and have some very nice animals.  Our original stock are from the Bonds of Michigan, and Jason Coin/Kenny Nelson of Colorado, among others. 


What's New?
Check out new photos on most pages of this site.  Its been a long time since the last update, so I hope you enjoy the changes.

High Flying Fuzzies just hosted the 2007 AFLRC National show in Monterey, CA.  We had a wonderful time and want to thank all the exhibitors who helped us with the show.


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